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TOMORROW! Spotlight on the Kohelet Policy Forum

This Tuesday, April 4th from 10:30am - 11:45am ET:

As Israel’s far right has gained political influence and momentum—especially with respect to the current government’s planned judicial overhaul—the outsized impact of the Kohelet Policy Forum has been making headlines. The formerly low-profile, high-impact Israeli think-tank has been featured in The New York Times and Haaretz. But mainstream news coverage has left key parts of this story unexamined: the ties between Kohelet and right-wing funders in the US and the group’s years-long effort to influence policy and law not only in Israel but in the United States.

Join Ran Cohen, Yousef Munayyer, Eran Nissan, and Lara Friedman—experts who have been researching and documenting the activities and funding of the Kohelet Policy Forum—for a conversation about the impact of the think tank’s work in both the US and Israel/Palestine.

Co-sponsored by the Foundation for Middle East Peace and Jewish Currents.