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Sustain Currents into 2023 With A Year End Donation

Dear friend,

If you’ve been following the way American and American Jewish leaders discuss Israel/Palestine, then you already know why a different perspective is so important. At Jewish Currents, my colleagues and I are working to challenge establishment discourse, exposing the complicity of our government and our community in the denial of Palestinian freedom while celebrating the vitality of Jewish life.

Please consider making a donation to Jewish Currents before the end of 2022.

Jewish Currents gives me and our other contributors an intellectual and political home, a place to do the work that questions the mainstream media’s assumptions about Israeli politics, antisemitism, and a host of other issues. We are striving to spur conversations that will lead to a future that is profoundly different from the world we live in today. One where Palestinian lives matter as much as Jewish ones.

This is why I joined Jewish Currents, and why I believe that our work remains essential. At Jewish Currents we are committed not only to publishing a magazine that honors those commitments, but to building a community that stands for them.

Please consider making a donation to sustain our work in 2023.

In the coming year, we’re excited to invest in that community with new programming that serves our readership and the progressive community at large.

As we prepare to launch a new membership initiative in 2023, I’m asking for you to support us today by making a donation. The work we do at Jewish Currents is only possible because of the contributions of readers like you, and I would be so grateful if you’d join us by supporting our mission today.

Thank you, and may your coming year be filled with joy,

Peter Beinart