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Jewish Currents is excited to offer an exclusive first look at our forthcoming issue. The cover features images from the series “Body/Index” by Carmen Winant, which draws on a feminist aesthetic lineage to challenge the viewer’s relationship with the female nude.

Inside the issue: Eta Demby reports on the struggles of psychoanalysts in Israel/Palestine to address the harms of occupation without reinforcing the status quo, and hannah baer explores the buried religious roots of mental healthcare. In the wake of the death of his grandfather, who was displaced by the Nakba, Dylan Saba considers the complex dimensions of the Palestinian call for return. Noura Erakat and John Reynolds chart the intellectual history of Palestinian critiques of Israeli apartheid and analyze how the term’s resurgence has obscured its radical decolonial legacy. Mari Cohen investigates clashes between donors, academics, and advocates over the future of Israel studies. In portraits and interviews, Anna Lukashevsky captures the experiences of Ukrainian refugees who have just arrived in Israel. In our Office Hours column, Camila Valle speaks with Mabel Bellucci about the long struggle for abortion rights in Argentina, and in a staff Responsa, Arielle Angel argues for abandoning a politics of grievance for a praxis of grief. In reviews, Raphael Magarik takes on the false messiahs of Jewish history in Olga Tokarczuk’s The Books of Jacob, Hannah Black considers Showtime’s Couples Therapy, Yiyun Li reflects on the relationship between language and propaganda in Belarusian author Alhierd Baharevich’s Alindarka’s Children, and Linda Kinstler tracks how provocative titles became inflammatory hashtags in a double review of Dara Horn’s People Love Dead Jews and David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count. Plus, fiction by Joseph Eichner, poetry by Ana Božičević and Jenny Xie, art by Ellie Lobovits, and more!

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