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After October 7: A Jewish Currents Reader

Dear Reader,

We’re writing to announce a special print issue, After October 7: A Jewish Currents Reader. This past fall, as we abandoned our planned coverage and focused all our attention on the unprecedented crisis in Israel/Palestine, it quickly became clear to us that our Winter issue would need to break the mold. As many have said, history didn’t start on October 7th—and we felt that our offering to you in this moment shouldn’t either. To that end, we’re sending subscribers a book-length anthology featuring a selection of pieces from our archive that foreground the often-obscured context for this continuing catastrophe—with exclusive new introductions by the Jewish Currents staff—alongside a number of pieces published online in the weeks following October 7th. We hope that this reader speaks to these dark times and to whatever lies beyond them, compiling some of our best work into a resource for the years and struggles to come.

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In these pages, you’ll find pieces from our archive by Noura Erakat and John Reynolds, Yousef Munayyer, Hannah Black, Peter Beinart, and many more, as well as recent dispatches from the West Bank and Gaza, and reporting and commentary from Jewish Currents staff and contributors.

In addition to the anthology, subscribers will receive Jewish Currents’s exclusive Winter Gift, Khawla Ibraheem’s play A Knock on the Roof, which follows a woman in Gaza facing the threat of imminent Israeli bombardment, introduced by playwright Mona Mansour.

We hope these two volumes both clarify and fortify. We do not know what will emerge from this moment, but it is clear that any just future will require reckoning with the horrors of the present and all that led us here.


Jewish Currents