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Jewish Currents’ Editor-in-Chief in The New York Times!

Dear reader,

I wanted to be sure that you saw the profile of our Editor-in-Chief Arielle Angel just published online in The New York Times (it will be in print Sunday). The piece not only offers a lively portrait of the incredibly gifted and inimitable Arielle, but is testament to what we are building together at Jewish Currents—a magazine and community whose impact cannot be ignored.

As the Times put it, “Jewish Currents is growing while the greater community around it is engulfed in battles—especially over the breach between Zionist American Jewish institutions and a growing community of progressives. The Jewish Currents team asserts that young Jewish leftists have a sharper vision than the establishment they’re jostling to replace.”

The article is correct: We do believe that we have a sharper vision, and we know that over the coming years that vision will only grow in its appeal. But we need your support. This year over 600 of you have contributed to support our work. We’re proud that so many have contributed, but we set ourselves a goal of 750. Can you be one of the supporters that helps us get there?

Can You Contribute Today?

As the Times notes, in the few short years since our relaunch in 2018, our impact has grown significantly. This year, you might have caught contributing editor Joshua Leifer analyzing the rise of Kahanist Knesset-member Itamar Ben-Gvir in The New York Times, or contributing writer Rebecca Pierce on NBC News discussing Kyrie Irving’s and Kanye West’s antisemitic comments, or Peter Beinart on MSNBC’s Mehdi Hassan show commenting on the global authoritarian right’s love affair with Israel. The fact that outlets with such massive reach regularly turn to our editors and contributors is evidence of how we are beginning to transform the broader conversation.

As we recently recounted in our Year in Review, 2022 has been a year of crises—from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade to Israel’s election of the most right-wing coalition in its history. In our print magazine and our newsletter, on our website and our podcast, and through our events, we have covered these events and others through rigorous writing and analysis that we hope raises important questions while speaking from a clear and consistent political and moral position.

Our goal at Jewish Currents is to shine a light on the important and often underreported stories most important to the Jewish left, and in so doing, to shape a different Jewish community in America. As The New York Times wrote, “Ms. Angel and members of her staff were raised by a generation worried that young people had lost interest in their Jewish identity. Now those 20- and 30-somethings are positing that they were never offered versions that they liked—and are forming their own.”

To help support that alternative vision, contribute today.

In solidarity,

Daniel May
Publisher, Jewish Currents