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Make a Year End Donation to Jewish Currents

Dear reader of Jewish Currents,

We know you value rigorous, incisive, and literary reporting and cultural criticism. We are co-chairs of the magazine’s board of directors. We became involved with this singular publication because of its quality and its unique political perspective. No other publication is so relentlessly honest and interesting about the pressing questions facing the Jewish left today—from the future of the US–Israel relationship and its impact both here and in Israel/Palestine, to the shape of Jewish art and culture. We hope you availed yourself of the opportunity to learn about our staff during Hanukkah. The Board of Directors is also honored to be part of the Jewish Currents community.

This year brought challenges and triumphs. Despite the obvious difficulties of running an independent, nonprofit journalistic outlet, we have much to celebrate.

This year at Jewish Currents, we:

  • Published the work of over 125 individual writers, artists, scholars, and activists

  • Welcomed our new publisher, Daniel May, and completed a successful leadership transition

  • Announced a new freelancer agreement in consultation with the National Writers Union and the Freelance Solidarity Project

  • Published (and sold out the first run of) the Israeli Black Panthers Haggadah

  • Partnered with the Luce Foundation to support our forthcoming Chevruta column, in which activists and Torah scholars use Jewish texts to probe timely ethical questions

  • Welcomed four new members to our board of directors

  • Won 17 awards from the the American Jewish Press Association and Religious News Association, including honors for news analysis, book criticism, excellence in writing on Black–Jewish relations, and the design of our recently relaunched website

  • Continued publishing uncompromising investigative pieces and scoops with the support of the Puffin Foundation Investigative Fund

  • Welcomed over 4,600 attendees to our events, which included our first in-person gatherings since March 2020—and began planning the launch of our membership program, which will bring lots more exciting programming in 2023!

And we are just getting started. We are quoted more, praised more, and relied upon more than we ever could have hoped just a few years ago, when we “relaunched” Currents in its present form. None of these achievements would be possible without your support. If you value the magazine as we do, please step up—in any amount—and join us in supporting this ambitious and essential endeavor. Please make a donation today to sustain Jewish Currents in 2023 and beyond.

With much gratitude and enthusiasm for the year ahead,

Mark Egerman and Kathleen Peratis
Co-Chairs, Jewish Currents Board of Directors