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Livestream and Location for Sunday's Event "The Election After Gaza"

Join us Sunday, May 19th at 4pm ET on livestream, or in-person at First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, 124 Henry Street.

Join Jewish Currents for an urgent conversation about the ethical and strategic questions around voting in an election cycle taking place in the midst of Israel’s US-backed war on Gaza. From the broad support for the uncommitted movement, to calls to “vote blue no matter who” in order to “preserve American democracy,” navigating the electoral landscape at this moment presents unprecedented challenges, opportunities, and risks—as well as profound questions of political obligation and personal principles. Together we’ll explore these questions with Peter Beinart, Layla Elabed, Masha Gessen, and Waleed Shahid, hosted by Mehdi Hasan.

If you have already registered for this event, please confirm your RSVP here.

You can watch the livestream without registering, hosted by The Nation magazine at this link.