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Join me in building the Jewish future we need

Dear Jewish Currents Reader,

When I first began to challenge the accepted wisdom on Israel in the American Jewish community over a decade ago, it was a lonely struggle. The few left-leaning organizations that demanded decency, dignity, and freedom for the Palestinian people were still marginal or nascent. I found hope in those years through the young people I met. I imagined the institutions they would build and the transformations they might bring in the years to come.

It is today my great honor to work at one of those institutions. Jewish Currents was relaunched by a team of millennial writers and editors five years ago, and is today widely recognized as the publication of the Jewish left in America. As I travel around the country, I meet all kinds of readers of Jewish Currents that tell me that they see in its pages a perspective that has been missing, a voice for unapologetic and creative Jewish life, politics, and culture. People tell me that they have found in the magazine not only a source of information, but of inspiration and community.

That feeling has only increased over these last few months, as so many in the Jewish world and beyond have justified the indefensible and weaponized Jewish fears on behalf of wanton violence. I’m so grateful that Jewish Currents exists, and that I’m part of its community.

I’m writing today to invite you to build that community, and to join us—not only as a reader, but as a sustaining supporter.

Become a founding member of Jewish Currents today, starting at just $9/month.

As a member you’ll have access to all kinds of perks, including seminars with world-renowned scholars and writers, invitations to gallery talks with leading artists, access to monthly calls between me and activists and analysts, perks at Jewish Currents parties and events, along with a subscription and exclusive merch.

And if you join this month, you’ll receive a copy of Nathan Thrall’s groundbreaking book, A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy, one of the most searing accounts of life under occupation and apartheid that I’ve ever encountered.

Become a founding member of Jewish Currents today, starting at just $9/month.

As a member, your ongoing support for our work will enable us to continue to provide the independent analysis and long-form reporting, argument, and discussion that makes Jewish Currents the award-winning magazine we are today. But more than that, you’ll join with others to create spaces of learning, connection and action. Together, we’ll build the community we need for the urgent challenges we face. I invite you to join us.


Peter Beinart


PS. A reminder that if you join today, in addition to all the perks of membership you’ll receive a hardcover copy of Nathan Thrall’s new book!