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JC & n+1 Subscription Bundle Promo

Today is the last day to purchase a one-year print & digital subscription bundle to Jewish Currents and n+1 for just $54. Don’t miss out!

You know Jewish Currents. And you may know n+1: a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics, published three times a year.

With this deal, you’ll receive three print magazines from each publication delivered to your home—plus complete digital access, and a special Jewish Currents winter gift.

Already a Jewish Currents subscriber? Subscribe to n+1 and use code “WHYNOTBOTH” for 30% off at check-out.

If you subscribe today, you’ll receive Winter issues from both publications:

After October 7: A Jewish Currents Reader is a book-length anthology featuring a selection of pieces from our archive that foreground the often-obscured context for this continuing catastrophe—with exclusive new introductions by the Jewish Currents staff—alongside a number of pieces published online in the weeks following October 7th. In these pages, you’ll find pieces from the Jewish Currents archive by Noura Erakat and John Reynolds, Yousef Munayyer, Hannah Black, Peter Beinart, and many more, as well as more recent dispatches from the West Bank and Gaza, and reporting, commentary, and poetry from Jewish Currents staff and contributors.

n+1 Issue 47: PASSAGE features short stories alongside essays, criticism, and politics. This issue brings you two works of fiction, by Paul Soto and Nicholas Hamburger—both taking place in and around the US/Mexico border, but radically different in theme and approach. In politics, PASSAGE features dispatches about unfolding horrors in Gaza from Saree Makdisi, with a new introduction, as well as an editorial about the war’s visual media. You’ll read Kay Gabriel on the right’s crusade against trans people and teachers unions, and Laura Preston on AI’s bad ideas, bad inventions, and the well-meaning people committed to them. You’ll also find essays and reviews by Iman Mersal, Nausicaa Renner, William Harris, and Nicole Lipman, among many others.