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Support Independent Journalism This Giving Tuesday

Dear friend,

As a reader of Jewish Currents, you know that we are committed to in-depth reporting and unflinching analysis. We relaunched this 76-year-old magazine in 2018 because we believed readers were hungering for a different kind of Jewish voice. And each year, our continued growth has proven that we were right. Just this year, our base of paying subscribers has expanded by over 20%.

But the work we do is only possible with your support. We don’t accept paid advertising, and​​ we don’t use paywalls. Contributions from readers like you ensure that our work remains free and easily accessible.

As our advisory board member Cornel West recently put it to me this way when I asked why he was so committed to our magazine:

We’re grateful that more than 400 of you have supported Jewish Currents this year with donations of under $1,000. And we’re proud that those contributions allow us to build a workplace where our daily practices align with our political commitments. We support our staff according to the terms negotiated in their recently ratified union contract, and we pay freelancers at rates developed this past summer with the Freelance Solidarity Project of the National Writers Union.

But it is only with your ongoing support that we can continue to do the work that you and so many have come to expect from Jewish Currents. So help us close out 2022 by making a donation of any amount today.

Thanks so much for your support,

Daniel May
Publisher, Jewish Currents