To the Sun, by Pessi Hirwschfeld-Pomerantz

Translated by Barnett Zumoff

To the SunSun, O sun!
I’d like to wander
in the open fields
and drink up the light
all day,
so my eyes
would radiate
your light,
your warmth.

Between narrow walls
my eyes look dull.
Between narrow walls
I speak angrily to people —
the path they walk
seems narrow to me.

Sun, O sun!
Only by your light
am I purified.
Only by your warmth
am I exalted.


SunZun, O Zun!
Kh’volt veln umblondzshen
in frayen feld,
zikh ontrinken mit likht
dem gantsn tog,
es zol fun mayne oygn
dayn likhtikeyt,
dayn varemkeyt.

Tsvishn enge vent
kukn mayne oygn mat.
Tsvishn enge vent
red ikh beyz tsu mentshn.
Eng iz mir der veg
af velkhn zey tretn!

Zun, O zun!
Nor durkh dayn likhtikeyt
ver ikh gelaytert.
Nor durkh dayn varemkeyt
ver ikh derhoybn.

Pessi Hirschfeld-Pomeranz (also known as Pomeranz-Honigbaum, 1900-1978) was born in Kamenbrod, White Russia and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 16. Her book, Moments of Grace, was published in 1957.

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