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Kibitznik’s Choice: Ohio Workmen’s Circle

Alyssa Goldstein
July 26, 2012

by Alyssa Goldstein
So I’ve given all of you in the northeast some cool stuff to get involved with in my past installments of Kibitznik’s Choice, but for those of you in the Ohio area, please be sure to check out the Workmen’s Circle: Ohio District. They offer very affordable Yiddish lessons, at $10/week for non-members and $8/week for members, as well as a Sunday school and individualized bar/bat mitzvah programs. They operate the Mitzvah Food Pantry in conjunction with the Cleveland Food Bank to provide food and basic necessities to families in need. You can join them for holidays and for their monthly Yiddish programs, which include movies, music performances, and speakers. And did I mention that they have an awesome Klezmer orchestra? They have an awesome Klezmer orchestra.
A few weeks ago, commenter Nancy L. Dudwick warned us that the Ohio Workmen’s Circle is in danger of folding from lack of membership. This would be a terrible shame, so please lend them your support.