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Kibitznik’s Choice: Occupy Rosh Hashone

Alyssa Goldstein
August 24, 2012
by Alyssa Goldstein I’m going to be in Tel Aviv for Rosh Hashone this year, but if I was going to be in New York, I would definitely go to the Occupy Rosh Hashone service in Zucotti Park on September 16th (incidentally, the eve of the Occupy movement’s 1-year anniversary!)Occupy Rosh Hashanah Anyone paying attention to Occupy knows that the movement is not as large and visible as it once was, but as Occupy Judaism organizer Daniel Sieradski states, “We’re still doing this without a permit, as an act of civil disobedience. We’re still doing prayer as an act of protest, praying with our legs, as it were. That’s still pretty powerful.” The more people go and participate, the more powerful Jewish Occupy actions have the potential to be. And here’s an unrelated (well, a little related) funny thing y’all might enjoy: Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews. Some favorites: “May you be reunited in the world to come with your ancestors, who were all socialist garment workers.” “May you have a hundred houses, and in every house a hundred rooms, and in every room twenty beds, and then may you fall behind on just one of your mortgage payments and have the bank repossess everything.”