The Puffin Investigative Fund

Jewish Currents magazine is proud to announce the launch of the Puffin Foundation Investigative Fund. For many years, our publication has enjoyed the support of the Puffin Foundation, one of the pillars of American journalism. We are delighted to take this next step with them.

We are seeking investigative journalists and stories. Freelance journalists published by the fund will be paid at least a dollar a word, and will receive fact-checking, legal support, training, and dedicated editorial expertise. Please send resumes, submissions, pitches, or leads to 

Founded in 1946, Jewish Currents is a progressive Jewish magazine covering politics, culture, the arts and more. Relaunched in 2018 with an all-new staff and design, Jewish Currents publishes daily on our website and in our newsletter, and quarterly in print issues of our award-winning magazine. Since our relaunch, we have tripled in size and received coverage in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Vice, The Nation, Poetry Daily and elsewhere.

Tips for a Good Pitch for the Fund

Your story should attempt to:

  • Hold those in power accountable by investigating important issues that are not covered, or not covered sufficiently, elsewhere.
  • Effect change in public attitude, policy, and conversation via your reporting.
  • Generate news-cycles based on those reports.

We are seeking stories with the potential to affect the course of Jewish institutional power, intervene in progressive politics and policy-making, or both. Key topics for the investigative program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Jewish communal funding, Jewish communal institutional accountability
  • US foreign policy
  • Israel/Palestine and its intersection with US politics and Jewish communal politics
  • Dark money organizations
  • Israel-advocacy lobbying
  • #MeToo in the Jewish community or progressive spaces
  • Immigration policy and enforcement
  • Criminal justice and the carceral system
  • Labor organizing and union busting

How to Pitch the Fund

Send submissions, pitches, or leads to Include a few paragraphs about the story, why it matters, why it is important now, and any unique access or documents you may have. 

We’ll assess the proposal according to three main criteria: originality, feasibility, and potential for impact. If your query seems like a good match for our project, one of our editors will ask you to submit a full proposal with a budget request (including travel and other costs you anticipate), using a simple application form we’ll provide. 

If we believe your project has potential but we have questions about your reporting plan or budget request, one of our editors will work with you to further develop your proposal.

Finally, a note on confidentiality and security: We take the obligation to guard your story ideas very seriously; we will not circulate them beyond our editorial team. We also realize that the contents of your proposal may contain sensitive information. If you are concerned about submitting details by email, please let us know and we will work out a secure method of communication.