Civil Rights vs. Israel Advocacy: The Battle Inside the ADL

March 15, 2021

Watch a recording of this panel on civil liberties, Israel/Palestine, and the Anti-Defamation League. Following the Jewish Currents report citing various sources inside the ADL about conflicts between their civil rights work and Israel advocacy, this conversation explores the history of the organization, its role in American politics, and the struggle for civil rights everywhere. Moderated by Noa Yachot, and joined by attorney Diala Shamas and journalists Alex Kane and Jacob Hutt.

Jacob Hutt is a lawyer and writer based in Oakland, California.

Alex Kane is a journalist who writes on the politics of Israel/Palestine in the US. A contributing writer to Jewish Currents, Alex also writes for The Intercept, +972 Magazine, In These Times, The Nation and more.

Diala Shamas is a staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where she works closely with Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities as well as social justice movements. Her legal and advocacy work focuses on civil liberties, national security, and international human rights law.

Noa Yachot is an Israeli-American editor based in New York and currently working for the Guardian US as its membership editor. Prior to joining the Guardian, Noa was a senior editor at the ACLU, where she focused on national security and free speech. In a former life, she was based in Tel Aviv, where she worked as a staff writer at Haaretz and managing editor of +972 Magazine.