Black Ox Orkestar Concert & JC Hanukkah Party

December 17, 2022

Join Jewish Currents and Black Ox Orkestar for a night of music and celebration! Purchase tickets to the concert here.

Black Ox Orkestar—the Montreal-based band exploring the sounds of the Jewish diaspora—released their first recording in more than a decade in the form of the Jewish Currents Winter Gift 2021-22, “Mizrakh mi ma’arav.”

This song appears on the band’s new full-length album “Everything Returns,” which picks up right where they left off: an entrancing collection of roiling interpretations of Jewish diasporic instrumentals combined with brooding vocal-driven originals (sung primarily in Yiddish) showcasing their unique sound and sensibility—offering a distinctive take and timbre within the contemporary landscape of Jewish, Yiddish and klezmer music. “Everything Returns” will be released by Constellation on December 2nd, 2022. Go to for more information.

Come to the second night of New York performances on their reunion tour, for an evening of great songs and great people.

Union Pool is a wheelchair-accessible venue. For questions about accommodation and accessibility, please email