Mameloshn: Poems about Nature, #3

To the Sun, by Pessi Hirwschfeld-Pomerantz Translated by Barnett Zumoff Sun, O sun! I’d like to wander in the open fields and drink up the light all day, so my eyes would radiate your light, your warmth. Between narrow walls my eyes look dull. Between narrow walls I speak angrily to people — the path […]

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Mameloshn: Yiddish Poems About Nature, #1

Spring, by Tsilye Dropkin Translated by Barnett Zumoff SPRING in the evening, the sky kissed the dark meadow, and when night came, the sky lay upon the meadow, pressed his hot breast against the earth, and nourished her all night with the fluids from his body. In the morning, the sky spun out sunshine upon […]

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Mameloshn: “Elijah in Shul” by Mani Leyb

Translated by Barnett Zumoff Mani Leyb (1883-1953) was the greatest and most characteristic poet of Di Yunge, the group of mostly young, lyrical Yiddish poets who preceded and overlapped with the Introspectivist movement in Yiddish poetry. Leyb is credited with refining and purifying the Yiddish language to make it a suitable vehicle for sophisticated poetry. “Elijah […]

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