“A Lost Lag B’Omer,” by Sholem Aleichem

translated from the Yiddish by Curt Leviant 1. OUR REBBI, Nissel the Short (he was called that, you see, on account of his small stature), was led by the nose by his assistants, who did absolutely as they pleased. If the first assistant came along and declared that the children should be dismissed early, Nissel […]

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Leivick and Other Yiddish Poets

by Curt Leviant Discussed in this essay: The Poems of H. Leivick and Others: Yiddish Poetry in Translation, by Leon H. Gildin, Finishing Line Press, 2015, 37 pp. WHEN I SAW the Table of Contents of this lovely little book of translated Yiddish poems by Leivick and other noted modern Yiddish poets, all of whom […]

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Elijah the Prophet by Sholem Aleichem

For His 100th Yortsayt Translated from the Yiddish by Curt Leviant   1 IT’S NO FUN being an only child, fondled and fussed over, the sole surviving son of seven children. Don’t stand here. Don’t go there. Don’t eat this. Don’t drink that. Wear a hat. Button your collar. Keep your hands warm. Blow your […]

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