Great Fears, Great Hopes: A Jewish Agricultural Settlement in 19th Century Oregon

by Karen Karin Rosenberg Discussed in this essay: Stepmother Russia, Foster Mother America: Identity Transitions in the New Odessa Jewish Commune, Odessa, Oregon, New York, 1881-1891, by Theodore Friedgut, and Recollections of a Communist by Israel Mandelkern, introduced and annotated by Theodore H. Friedgut. Both in one volume, Academic Studies Press, 2014, 199 pages. ZIONIST […]

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The Shock Tactics of Alexander Grothendieck

A Brilliant Mathematician’s Moral Protest by Karen Karin Rosenberg ALEXANDER GROTHENDIECK, who died last fall, was a towering figure in mathematics who won the very top awards in his field: the Field’s Medal in 1966, the Crafoord Prize in 1988. He used those events theatrically to make moral points. In protest against Soviet policies, he […]

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