Judaism and Civil Discourse

Us Versus Them, or Argument for the Sake of Heaven? by Rabbi Jonathan Kligler WE’VE WATCHED constructive discourse and debate break down in our country in recent years, with a trend away from the value of civil discourse — and a lot of effort to retain it.  In this effort, Judaism has a great deal […]

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Martin Luther King Is My Rabbi

by Rabbi Jonathan Kligler From the online newsletter and Torah commentary of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation   VA’YAVO MOSHE V’AHARON el Par’oh va’yomru eilav, “Ko amar YHVH, Elohei ha’Ivrim: ad matai may’anta lay’anot mipanai? shalach ami vaya’avduni!” So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said to him, “Thus says the Source of Life, the […]

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