Irving Howe and Secular Jewishness

Socialism, Zionism, and Jewish Identity by Gerald Sorin From the May-June, 2005 issue of Jewish Currents IRVING HOWE rose from Jewish immigrant poverty in the Depression-ridden East Bronx of the 1930s to become one of the most important public thinkers in America. His journey to renown in the fields of literary criticism, radical politics, and […]

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Jewish History for Teens

Four Millenia of Great Diversity — In 300+ Pages by Gerald Sorin From the Spring, 2015 issue of Jewish Currents Reviewed in this Essay: The Veterans of History: A Young Person’s History of the Jews, by Mitchell Silver. Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice, 2014, 334 pages. MITCHELL SILVER IS A CONSUMMATE STORYTELLER, and […]

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