Great Women of Yiddish Poetry

by Ellen Cassedy From the Spring, 2015 issue of Jewish Currents Reviewed in this Essay: A Question of Tradition: Women Poets in Yiddish, 1586-1987, by Kathryn Hellerstein. Stanford University Press, 2014, 512 pages. The Acrobat: Selected Poems of Celia Dropkin, translated by Faith Jones, Jennifer Kronovet, and Samuel Solomon. Tebot Bach, New World Translation Series, […]

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Lithuania’s Difficult History

A Journey Into Yiddish — and Into the Holocaust by Ellen Cassedy From the Autumn, 2014 issue of Jewish Currents A SOFT SUMMER RAIN was falling as a white-haired woman made her way to the microphone in the courtyard of Vilnius University in the capital of Lithuania. “Tayere talmidim!” she began. “Dear students!” I leaned […]

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