Prominent Christian Zionist Posts Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

by Marc Daalder   ANTISEMITIC CONSPIRACY THEORIES come in an amazing variety, though recently the purveyors of these myths have settled on one target especially: billionaire and progressive donor George Soros. The sources of these attacks span from garden variety internet trolls, to American Congressmen and even Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. And last week, a […]

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Hundreds of Young Jews Challenge Bannon at ZOA Gala

by Marc Daalder All photos courtesy of Gili Getz.   LAST NIGHT’S Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) gala held at New York City’s Grand Hyatt was practically a “who’s who” of white supremacists and Islamophobes. Racist luminaries and alt-right activists populated the crowd. But as outrageous as the ZOA’s normalization of the far right may be, […]

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Jews as an Indigenous People

LET’S PRACTICE SOLIDARITY WITH INDIGENOUS PEOPLES by Marc Daalder   AMONG ALL the indigenous peoples of the world, the Jewish people have a unique tale. Suffering displacement from their ancestral land twice (the Babylonian captivity in 597 BCE and the diaspora from 135 CE), Jews nonetheless succeeded in retaining their cultural connections to the Land of […]

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