Mameloshn: Tuberculosis and the Yiddish Poets

by Murray Citron Reviewed in this essay: Yiddish Poetry and the Tuberculosis Sanatorium 1900-1970 by Ernest B. Gilman. Syracuse University Press, 2015, 187 pages. ACADEMIC WRITERS OFTEN LIKE making a synthesis, that is, putting topics together in an unexpected way. Professor Ernst B. Gilman, who has taught at Columbia and the University of Virginia, and […]

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People of the Book 101: The Jewish Pope of Literature

Marcel Reich-Ranicki and German Memory by Murray Citron Reviewed in this essay: The Author of Himself, by Marcel Reich-Ranicki. Published as Mein Leben (1999), translated into English by Ewald Osers, Princeton University Press, 2001, 407 pages. IN THE LAST FORTY YEARS of the 20th century, the leading literary critic in Germany was a Jew, born […]

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