by Esther Cohen


DC8141Ken lives across the street

old style pre hip hop

you’re in the navy now tattoo

chain smoker one cigarette

behind his right ear

at all times Ken

I never liked him much

until this summer. Hilda,

gentle gardening wife

Ken drove a truck for 41 years

a very big truck

he didn’t like it when people

asked if he was a trucker

he couldn’t say why not


Hilda died in May. He held her hand

and said goodbye.


Now something of Hilda

lives inside Ken and when he

comes over every single afternoon

around four he says he’s coming

for free coffee and cookies

even though he didn’t come

across the road for 14 years,

he walks over as though

he always has and it’s ok with me

because I see Hilda inside Ken

and when he tells over and over

again his one long

story about his baking truck

and Brooklyn I can see Hilda

and she’s smiling.