Enge Benge Revisited

by Rokhl Kafrissen Conversations among New Yorkers, they say, focus on one topic only: real estate. Too true. Now more than ever, young people are looking at a city in which it is almost impossible to find an affordable home. If you’re single and willing to live in a sketchy neighborhood, maybe with a roommate, […]

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Benkshaft (Longing)

by Rokhl Kafrissen I love to complain about my time as an undergraduate at Brandeis, and the recent barrage of 10th-year reunion mail isn’t exactly letting the sleeping dogs of bitterness lie. Yet I did have some consolations during my college career. One was a CD I picked up the summer before my senior year, […]

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A Jewish Cultural Manifesto

by Rokhl Kafrissen I’m a busy woman with no time for nostalgia. My grandparents didn’t have a shop on the Lower East Side, my great uncle didn’t play in a Catskills swing band, and my parents never, ever threatened to disown me if I didn’t marry a Jewish man. Perhaps that’s why I don’t find […]

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