This Land is Mine

Please take a look at Nina Paley’s brilliantly sardonic “This Land Is Mine,” the strongest statement you’ll ever see for a two-state solution in the Middle East, right now! Paley’s films include the full-length animation, Sita Sings the Blues. She is committed to freeing art, including her own, from copyright restriction. Enjoy her fantastic work […]

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Young Jews Telling Jokes

Jewish Currents has been running its “Off the Stage!” feature, with caricatures and one-liners of young Jewish stand-up comics, in its print edition for nearly two years. Five of these are artfully strung together in this video.

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Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist

Narrated by a eulogist-in-training, Lapp’s film portrays the late, great Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf musings on the burden of his profession. This is a six-minute excerpt from a 26-minute, hand-drawn animation (India ink, gouache, and wax), created in collaboration with Mark Dresser. It uses the imagined figure of the professional eulogist to explore the function […]

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