These homemade hanukiyahs are perfect

by Jacob Plitman Banner credit: Alex Foley   LIKE OUR COUSINS the Elves, we Jews are a crafty, clever and resourceful people.  Marooned as many of us are within a Christian-hegemonic superpower, we reach for what is at hand — ritually, by turning a minor holiday about the Jewish Taliban into a major celebration, and literally, by turning […]

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All About Khanike-Hanukkah-Chanukah

A RESOURCE FROM JEWISH CURRENTS’ SCHAPPES CENTER FOR CULTURAL JEWISH LIFE (Sponsored, in part, by the Kurz Family Foundation. Illustration [above] from Richard Codor and Lawrence Bush’s Babushkin’s Catalogue of Jewish Inventions.)   KHANIKE (that’s the YIVO-style transliteration of the Yiddish pronunciation for Hanukkah, which we use to honor Yiddish culture) is one of the […]

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A Simple, Highly Participatory Seder

by Lawrence Bush MY FAMILY and Passover intimates have consistently observed the Festival of Matse by turning the hagode text into a participatory event. We assign the holiday themes to individuals at least a couple of weeks in advance. These might include: Springtime  •  Four Questions • Slavery  •  Afikomen (hidden matse) • Burning Bush  […]

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