Organize, Don’t Celebrate, an Editorial

The Editors on the Black Lives Matter Platform

Lawrence Bush, “Going Solo for the Autumn Holidays”

Ron Skolnik on “The Dollars and Sense of BDS”

An Interview with Dove Kent of Jews for Racial & Economic Justice

Emily Sheera on “Going Mad”

Jacob L. Perl on Aaron Swartz and Internet Freedom

Sharon Rudahl’s graphic strip on “Ernestine L. Rose, Abolitionist”

Rabbi Reba Carmel on “Maimonides for the 21st Century”

Rabbi Judy Weiss on Corporate and Personal Environmental Responsibility

Marc Jampole on “Paul Celan as Existentialist Poet”

Mira Sucharov on “Israel and Canadian Jews”

Joel Shatzky on “Janusz Korczak’s Child-Centered Philosophy”

Diana Scott on “The Jewish Bund at Its Peak”

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