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Mari Cohen is an assistant editor at Jewish Currents.

From the Newsletter
“They Want To Kick Us Out of This Land”
An interview with journalist and activist Basil al-Adraa about covering settler violence
Mari Cohen October 15, 2021
From the Newsletter
When Prison Guards Refuse Vaccines
A dispatch from an incarcerated person in Pennsylvania on the risks unvaccinated guards pose to prisoners.
Mari Cohen and Stephen Wilson October 1, 2021
The various buildings that makeup the Rikers Island jail complex, shot from across the river.
A Week on Rikers Island
“No human should be in a place like that.”
From the Newsletter
Does Everybody Really Hate the Jews?
Unpacking the suspect framing of a new survey on campus antisemitism.
Mari Cohen September 24, 2021
Ben & Jerry's
From the Newsletter
Ben & Jerry’s Tests Anti-BDS Laws
Lara Friedman on the wider stakes for free speech.
Mari Cohen July 23, 2021
Avodah Considers Stepping Out on Israel/Palestine
Under pressure from constituents, progressive domestic Jewish groups may break their silence on the occupation.
Mari Cohen July 22, 2021
A Closer Look at the ‘Uptick’ in Antisemitism
The ADL is reporting a surge in antisemitic incidents. But confirming a spike in hate crimes is a notoriously difficult task.
Mari Cohen May 27, 2021
A Guide to the Current Crisis in Israel/Palestine
We asked our readers what they needed to know about the situation in Israel/Palestine. Our staff is compiling a developing set of answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Mari Cohen, Joshua Leifer, and Alex Kane May 13, 2021
J Street Goes on Offense, Carefully
For the first time, the liberal Jewish lobby is placing advocacy for restricting military aid to Israel front and center.
Mari Cohen May 5, 2021
Revising the Dream
Members of the socialist-Zionist youth group Habonim Dror North America are increasingly pushing back on Zionism’s centrality in the movement.
Mari Cohen April 19, 2021
Fears of Government Surveillance Complicate Muslim Groups’ Access to Federal Security Funding
Muslim applicants to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which has long funneled money to Jewish organizations, express concerns about pressure to collaborate with law enforcement.
Mari Cohen March 30, 2021
“Is He Jewish?”
On the Lox Club, an exclusive new dating app, an obsession with Jewish continuity papers over an absence of Jewish content.
Mari Cohen March 3, 2021
The Complex Reality of Black–Jewish Coalitions in Georgia
Local organizers say Warnock and Ossoff’s winning campaign is a promising sign for intercommunal relations. But a romanticized narrative obscures persistent class divisions and conflict over Israel.
Mari Cohen January 26, 2021
Jewish Federations Urge Biden to Promote Controversial Definition of Antisemitism
The IHRA definition, already used by the Trump administration to adjudicate civil rights cases, has drawn criticism for suppressing pro-Palestinian activism.
Mari Cohen December 10, 2020
Democrats Can’t Win Without the Left
Leftists recognize the need to work in coalition with liberals to fight the right. It’s time for liberals to reciprocate.
Mari Cohen November 13, 2020
Can the Reform Movement Stand Up to the Settler Right?
The movement’s leadership role in Israel’s Jewish National Fund puts it in charge of evicting a Palestinian family, whether it wants to or not.
Mari Cohen October 19, 2020
The Future of Jewish News
The new millennial editor of The Detroit Jewish News discusses his plans to revitalize the paper for a new era.
Mari Cohen August 25, 2020
The Real War on Free Speech
Some of the Harper’s letter signatories use their defense of “free speech” to silence support for Palestinian rights.
Mari Cohen and Joshua Leifer July 23, 2020
Jewish Agency Threatens Habonim Dror Over Anti-Annexation Petition
The Israel-based organization has demanded that the Labor Zionist youth movement purge members advocating a boycott of Israel programs.
Mari Cohen July 17, 2020
esty schwartz
Unorthodox Bodies
Through its unusually nuanced look at vaginal pain, the acclaimed Netflix series is a show about a Hasidic woman radicalized by disability.
Mari Cohen and Hannah Srajer July 14, 2020
Jewish Groups Embrace BLM, With Conditions
Some Jewish groups appear to be putting aside Israel-related grievances with the Black Lives Matter movement. Others aim to show support without backing its more radical demands.
Mari Cohen June 23, 2020
Nurses Everywhere Are Organizing
With or without a union, nurses in harm’s way are turning to collective action to demand better protections.
Mari Cohen April 20, 2020
“We Are Sitting Ducks”
As the Covid-19 crisis escalates, incarcerated people across the country describe a climate of fear, uncertainty, and unpreparedness.
Mari Cohen March 23, 2020
Jews Hate Trump
When Jews Go to the Polls
Recent polling offers potential answers—and raises additional questions—about what choices Jewish voters might make in the 2020 elections.
Mari Cohen February 21, 2020
Hillel Partners with Right-Wing Christian Law Firm
Working with Jay Sekulow’s organization shows a willingness to alienate LGBTQ Jewish students to fight pro-Palestine activism.
Mari Cohen January 28, 2020
Punching Postwar Nazis
Daniel Sonabend discusses the lost history and legacy of the 43 Group—a post-World War II association of British Jewish antifascist fighters.
Mari Cohen January 21, 2020
SEIU Local 73
A New Deal for Chicago’s Jewish Federation
The SEIU Local 73 bargaining team—representing therapists, teachers, nurses, dining service workers, and more—has won a contract that will dramatically improve working conditions.
Mari Cohen December 19, 2019
Hillel Uses the Pro-Israel Playbook on Socialists
The campus organization’s dispute with Georgia Tech’s YDSA chapter might be a sign of things to come.
Mari Cohen December 10, 2019
Hillel vs. Academic Freedom
Jewish organizations are siding with the Trump administration in its war on Middle East studies.
Mari Cohen September 27, 2019
Apartheid Is Israel’s “Desired Reality”
An interview with Haaretz journalist Amira Hass about occupation, the diaspora, and what comes next.
Mari Cohen June 12, 2019
Through the Looking Glass
Our American Israel examines the projections and anxieties that animate the US-Israel relationship.
Mari Cohen February 26, 2019
American Uses and Misuses of the Holocaust
Wielding Holocaust memory to make America look good is an American tradition.
Mari Cohen February 8, 2019