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    Daniel Kahn’s Yiddish Militancy

    July 5, 2018Jonah Boyarin

    A concert-goer inspired by Daniel Kahn’s fiercely political Yiddish music asks: how does this tradition inform how we act, here and now?

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    Men: Cook, Clean and Do the Childcare This Yom Kippur

    September 28, 2017Jonah Boyarin

    by Jonah Sampson Boyarin   THERE ARE TWO YOM KIPPUR STORIES about Rabbi Yisroel Salanter: one well-known, one lesser known. Rabbi Salanter was the 19th century founder of the Lithuanian Mussar movement, which strived to awaken Jews to a more rigorously ethical approach to religious life. The better-known story goes like this: it was Yom Kippur of 1848 and Rabbi Salanter’s Vilna community was suffering in the throes of the deadly cholera epidemic raging that year. After Yom Kippur morning serv...

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    "The Miracle of My Life" — and Jewish Solidarity Now

    April 27, 2017Jonah Boyarin

    A TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE TO A HOLOCAUST MEMOIR by Jonah Sampson Boyarin from the Spring 2017 issue of Jewish Currents   I WAS IN BETWEEN literature classes and field chores at Yiddish Farm in the summer of 2015, sipping tea in the informal little library in upstate New York, when my eyes were drawn to a book with a simple chess board on the cover, black and white on a field of dark green. It was a Holocaust memoir entitled Shakhmat: der nes fun mayn lebn — that is, “Checkmate: The Miracle of My...

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