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    Dreams of Baking Bread

    August 6, 2018Jessica de Koninck

    Poet Janlori Goldman's new collection is one to be read and read again.

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    Friday Night Poetry: "If He Proposes, Say Yes"

    December 22, 2017Jessica de Koninck

    by Jessica de Koninck   Consider the sparrows picking at insects. Their small high-pitched chirps dot the landscape with worry. Consider the sparrows hidden in hedges, tiny dull warblers of suburban afternoons. Watch them swallow seeds, sip from shallow puddles. How easily they scare when a sleek cat wanders by, climbs into a tree, searches for dinner, stretches out a paw agitating the branches. Consider the sparrows perched on phone wires. Even through winter they nest in f...

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    September 11, 2017Jessica de Koninck

    A poem by Jessica de Koninck Right in the living room Jack Ruby whips out a pistol and shoots Lee Harvey Oswald who doubles over, falls to the floor. Again and again the scene repeats in black and white. Anchormen in light shirts and dark ties pontificate while sweating televangelists predict damnation. James Cagney takes a bullet too only he keeps talking. On a different channel he sings. He dances. Ruby stretches. Oswald collapses. Life might be safer out in space if only the shuttle woul...

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