An American Abroad

SECEDING FROM THE U.S., TRIP BY TRIP by Elliot Podwill   IN 1968, as a young sports fan watching the  Olympics on TV, I found myself, for reasons I couldn’t quite understand, rooting against the American athletes. I rooted for any individual or team that was competing against their American counterpart, and particularly supported athletes from […]

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The Short Season, Part 2

HUSTLING FULL-TIME IN THE CATSKILLS by Elliot Podwill   To read Part 1, click here.   THE SOCIAL DARWINIAN universe we inhabited filtered down to adolescent social mores. A friend in high school was on several occasions turned down for dates by girls because his family car was dingy. (No subways or buses ran in South Fallsburg.) […]

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The Short Season

HUSTLING FULL-TIME IN THE CATSKILLS by Elliot Podwill   MY PARENTS BLUNDERED badly in 1945, a year after I was born. They lived in what is today the South Bronx, and my father made the long commute to Brooklyn to work in the huge Navy Yard. The war years brought him prosperity as a welder of […]

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