On Passover, Israel, and Demographic Threats

by Rabbi Brant Rosen Crossposted, by the author’s permission, with Truthout THE WEEK-LONG Jewish festival of Passover is coming to a close, but like many Jews around the world I’m still digesting the myriad questions, answers and discussions that ensued as we retold the biblical story of the Exodus at our seder. While it’s a story […]

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Protesting Trump in Chicago on Shabbat

by Rabbi Brant Rosen TWO WEEKS AGO, my congregation, Tzedek Chicago, cancelled its regularly scheduled Shabbat service in order to allow members to attend the Trump protest that was being held outside the UIC Pavilion. It just felt as if this was just too critical a moment to let pass by, particularly for a congregation […]

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Confronting the “New Campus Anti-Semitism”

As Professional Israel Advocates Intervene in Campus Affairs by Rabbi Brant Rosen THROUGHOUT THE ORGANIZED Jewish community, the mainstream media and academia, we’re increasing talk of a sharp increase in anti-Semitism on American college campuses. In response to recent incidents at UCLA and elsewhere, one congregational rabbi from Los Angeles has warned of “something deeper, more […]

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