Benjy Cannon

  • Critique

    Walking Off a Birthright Trip Isn't "Stealing"

    July 20, 2018Benjy Cannon

    Walking off the famous free trip to Israel to protest the occupation makes sense—unless you revere Birthright's political agenda or its monied backers.

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  • harvey-weinstein2


    Weinstein's Assaults: Misogyny, Not Judaism

    October 11, 2017Benjy Cannon

    by Benjy Cannon   CONTRIBUTOR to Tablet Magazine Mark Oppenheimer sparked outrage this week with his article, “The Specifically Jewish Perviness of Harvey Weinstein.” The piece argued that rather than motivated by misogyny, media executive Harvey Weinstein’s alleged assaults were of a specifically Jewish character: "Harvey, sadly, is a deeply Jewish kind of pervert." Openheimer's argument prompted Richard Spencer and David Duke, a neo-nazi and klansman respectively, to both share the piece fav...

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