Authors / Arielle Angel

Arielle Angel is the editor-in-chief of Jewish Currents.

How Much Must We Sacrifice for Justice?
An investigation through Jewish text, in the wake of Aaron Bushnell’s self-immolation for Gaza
Lexie Botzum April 26, 2024
Letter From the Editor
“We Cannot Cross Until We Carry Each Other”
The editor-in-chief of Jewish Currents on recommitting to our movements in this moment
Arielle Angel October 12, 2023
How Would You Feel, Senator Rosen?
Jewish responses to a recent event commemorating the Nakba reveal a communal narcissism, which sees Palestinians’ very identity as being first and foremost about Jews.
Arielle Angel May 11, 2023
Beyond Grievance
Though it may be a potent political tool, grievance can also maintain our investment in our own oppression.
Arielle Angel September 6, 2022
Rehearsing Defeat
Rallies won’t save abortion rights. What will?
Arielle Angel May 5, 2022
On Loving Jews
For Jews engaged in Palestine solidarity work, what might be gained by refusing excommunication from our own communities?
Arielle Angel September 13, 2021
Selling the Holocaust
Three writers and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, including Plunder author Menachem Kaiser, discuss the conventions of the “3G memoir” and the commodification of Holocaust stories.
Arielle Angel, Maia Ipp, and Menachem Kaiser July 28, 2021
Pink Peacock
The Yiddish Tote Rankling Glasgow Police
A co-founder of the queer, anarchist café Pink Peacock discusses recent run-ins with law enforcement and Jewish leftism in the UK.
Arielle Angel July 9, 2021
Alissa Wise
Shedding Thick Skin
As she exits Jewish Voice for Peace, Rabbi Alissa Wise describes the emotional toll of years of Jewish activism for Palestine.
Arielle Angel April 2, 2021
Are We Post-Sepharadim?
A conversation with scholar Devin E. Naar about what meaningful Sephardic representation might look like in the wake of near-total erasure.
Arielle Angel October 20, 2020
Exodus From Now
Reflections from quarantine on the Jewish commandment to make a calendar.
Arielle Angel April 7, 2020
No One Is Well
To respond to the coronavirus crisis, we must fight to replace the logics of capitalism with the logics of care.
Arielle Angel March 18, 2020
Understanding Labour’s Antisemitism Crisis
The new British Jewish left is mobilizing to reframe the narrative around antisemitism in Labour.
Arielle Angel December 6, 2019
Kaddish for David Berman
His albums took up the grand project of Jewishness, to which he came honestly: wrestling with God, playing the stranger.
Arielle Angel and Nathan Goldman August 9, 2019
Picturing Power
Moving protest from performance to disruption.
Arielle Angel July 22, 2019
Art in a State of Emergency
What is the artist’s responsibility in a time of political crisis?
Arielle Angel July 31, 2018
(Re)Writing Remembrance
Two grandchildren of Holocaust survivors exchange letters on making art and meaning from the Holocaust.
Maia Ipp and Arielle Angel April 17, 2018