Immortalizing Joe Hill

  On this date in 1915, IWW organizer Joe Hill (not Jewish) was arrested for murder in Salt Lake City, Utah. His trial was considered a frame-up and his conviction was widely protested (by Woodrow Wilson and Helen Keller, among others). A writer of labor songs and parodies, Hill was immortalized in 1930 in the […]

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Some Jews No Longer Qualify . . .

by Allan Lichtenstein   SINCE I AM an Israeli citizen, Israel’s recent decision last March to ban entry to members of certain Jewish activist groups will not affect me. When the ban passed the Israeli Knesset, therefore, taking aim at the international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS), I did not pay much attention. The law forbids “granting entry visas […]

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In Memoriam: The Woman Who Popularized “Ms.”

by Bennett Muraskin   ALTHOUGH Ms. magazine is most identified with Gloria Steinem, the woman who most popularized the term “Ms.” was Sheila Michaels (1939-2017). The word enabled women to be identified as their own persons, rather than according to their marital status (Mrs. or Miss). Michaels’ career included a variety of jobs including cabdriver, technical editor, co-owner […]

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