The Romani Holocaust

The Romani (once referred to as “Gypsies”) were declared by Heinrich Himmler on this date in 1943 to be “on the same level as Jews and [to be] placed in concentration camps.” This intensified the incarceration and obliteration of Romani people that Himmler had ordered the previous December. Romani losses in the Porajmos (“Devouring” or “Destruction” […]

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Quick Takes: ‘Zionism’ Has Won — Time to Move On

by Ralph Seliger   LIEL LEIBOVITZ, the most frequent contributor to the high-toned online mag Tablet, is very talented as a writer but maddeningly superficial as a thinker. Emotionally seduced by rightwing Zionist arguments, he tends to see things in black and white. In a recent piece, he claims that the left-Zionist Meretz party is […]

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“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” Revisited

MY FIFTEEN SECONDS OF FAUX FAME AND THE DANGEROUS CULT OF CELEBRITY by Sidney Finehirsh   AS I WALKED down Mass Ave in Cambridge several years ago, I was “recognized” as the celebrated Boston Red Sox third baseman. “Ain’t you Wade Boggs?” Immediately I smiled, thinking this guy must be extremely nearsighted. Still, I somehow felt […]

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