“The Trial of the Century”

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were spared their lives by the judge in their murder trial on this date in 1924. The teenage sons of wealthy Jewish families in Chicago, they had deliberately killed a 14-year-old boy, Bobby Franks, in order to prove themselves to be Nietzchean “supermen.” Once arrested, Leopold and Loeb spoke brazenly […]

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Writing for Children about the Holocaust

AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHELLE BISSON, AUTHOR OF “HEDY’S JOURNEY” by Jacob L. Perl   “She and I talked about the Holocaust a lot over the years, but I, also for many years, did not understand. I just thought that she was obsessive and talked too much about it. And then when she died … Something […]

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Channel Esther: BOBST, a Serial Novel, Part XIV

by Esther Cohen To read earlier installments, search “BOBST” at right.   A young Jewish girl named Rivka comes to New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. She meets a woman named Clara at the garment factory where she works. CLARA, eight years older than Rivka, Clara, soon after immigrating to the United […]

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