Diary of a Mad Housewife

Sue Kaufman, author of The Diary of a Mad Housewife (1967) and six other works of fiction before committing suicide after a long depression at age 50, was born on Long Island on this date in 1926. She was a graduate of Vassar, achieved early success as a freelance writer, and published her first novel, The Happy Summer Days, in 1959. Kaufman had […]

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The Short Season, Part 2

HUSTLING FULL-TIME IN THE CATSKILLS by Elliot Podwill   To read Part 1, click here.   THE SOCIAL DARWINIAN universe we inhabited filtered down to adolescent social mores. A friend in high school was on several occasions turned down for dates by girls because his family car was dingy. (No subways or buses ran in South Fallsburg.) […]

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Channel Esther: Bobst, a Serial Novel, Part VIII

To read parts I-VII, please search at right under “Bobst” by Esther Cohen AN IMMIGRANT GIRL like so many others, entirely inexperienced with life outside her village, Rivka began to live in New York, leaving behind her small village, a family, and a man named Shmulik whom she met just once at her uncle’s lending office. She left […]

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