Adam Duritz and Counting Crows

Adam Duritz, lead singer and primary composer for Counting Crows, was born in Baltimore on this date in 1964. Duritz (who wears dreadlocks and describes himself in one of the band’s songs as “a Russian Jew American, impersonating African”) assembled the seven-member Counting Crows in 1991, and they have released seven studio albums and sold more than […]

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The Short Season

HUSTLING FULL-TIME IN THE CATSKILLS by Elliot Podwill   MY PARENTS BLUNDERED badly in 1945, a year after I was born. They lived in what is today the South Bronx, and my father made the long commute to Brooklyn to work in the huge Navy Yard. The war years brought him prosperity as a welder of […]

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On Tisha B’Av and the Danger of Jewish Zealotry

by Maya Haber   WITH THE ARRIVAL of Tisha B’Av, we ponder the destruction of the ancient Temples and this year give thanks that Armageddon was recently averted — though just barely. On July 14, three terrorists, Arab citizens of Israel, launched an attack at the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary complex in East Jerusalem, killing two Israeli […]

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