Ludwig Fulda and the Nazis

German playwright Ludwig Fulda, winner of the Schiller Prize for his 1892 comedy, Der Talisman, first president of PEN in Germany (1925-32), and president of the Prussian Academy of Arts (1928), was born in Frankfurt on this date in 1862. Fulda wrote political plays that were “remarkable for their clever stage effects and insight into social problems,” according […]

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From Job Loss to Guaranteed Basic Income

AUTOMATION AND THE POST-SCARCITY ECONOMY by Dusty Sklar From the Summer 2017 issue of Jewish Currents   THE IDEA of providing a universal basic income (UBI) to all families has begun to take root in the U.S. among both conservatives and liberals. For the former, it’s a way actually to shrink the welfare state by folding […]

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My Path to Atheism

by Alan Rutkowski I RECENTLY HAD an epiphany: I don’t believe in God. For a very long time — most of my life, actually — I sort of thought I did. Religion has played a big part in my life. For some reason my mother, who was not religious at all, sent my sister and […]

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