Herbert Simon and Artificial Intelligence

Political scientist and artificial intelligence innovator Herbert Alexander Simon, winner of the Turing Award in 1975 and the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978, was born in Milwaukee on this date in 1915 to a Jewish father and a mother of mixed Jewish and Christian background. Simon spent most of his academic and research career […]

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On Art as Resistance

IN ISRAEL AND THE U.S. by Liya Rechtman WHAT DOES IT MEAN to protest when no one is listening? Or when our act of protest is portrayed as running counter to the “will of the people”? As I sit in Jerusalem watching the age of Trump unfold, it can feel like the walls are closing in. Here […]

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The Uncivil Servant: Jerusalem’s Outsider Architects

by Mitchell Abidor Discussed in this essay: Till We Have Built Jerusalem, by Adina Hoffman. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016, 352 pages. A CITY’S ARCHITECTURE is often an excellent guide to its history, politics, and vision of itself. The Haussmanian Paris we know today still speaks of the need for clean, airy streets, as well as […]

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