Ben Hecht

Ben Hecht, a writer of wide-ranging accomplishments and great fame and influence who became especially active in American Zionist efforts to save Jews from the Holocaust, died at 70 on this date in 1964. Hecht’s screenplays included The Front Page (1931), Scarface (1932), Gunga Din (1939), Angels Over Broadway (which he also directed, in 1940), […]

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Title IX and Sexual Harassment

DERIDING THE CULTURE OF CAMPUS PROTECTIVENESS by Mitchell Abidor Discussed in this essay: Unwanted Advances by Laura Kipnis. Harper, 2017, 245 pages. AMERICAN COLLEGES have become a punching bag, or laughing stock, for certain elements of student life that have become standard: trigger warnings (advance notice of upsetting subjects), safe spaces, banning of speakers defending […]

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