January 7: Boris Lurie and No!art

Boris Lurie, a Holocaust survivor who in 1959 co-founded, with Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher, the No!art movement as a protest against the political disengagement represented by Abstract Expressionism (and, in subsequent years, Pop Art), died at 83 on this date in 2008. Lurie was born in Leningrad and suffered through several concentration camps in […]

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Photographing the Thirties and Forties

by Marvin Zuckerman All photographs by Katherine Joseph, © Richard Hertzberg and Suzanne Hertzberg, courtesy of the Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. Discussed in this essay: Katherine Joseph: Photographing an Era of Social Significance by Suzanne Hertzberg. Bergamot Press, 2016, 149 pages. Sing me a song of social significance,/ There’s nothing […]

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OpEdge: The Make-Busy Congress

by Marc Jampole THERE MIGHT BE some possibility of convincing Donald Trump and the Republicans not to build a wall along the Mexican border if they sincerely felt threatened by an invasion of undocumented immigrants. Once they learned that more of the undocumented have been leaving the U.S. than entering over the past few years, […]

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