August 6: Theodor Adorno

Philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, a member of the Marxist Frankfurt School of critical thought who strongly influenced the European post-war left, died at 65 on this date in 1969. Adorno left Germany in 1934 and lived out the Nazi era in Oxford, New York, and southern California, where he wrote his best-known books, Dialectic of […]

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O My America: The Black Lives Matter Platform

YOU DON’T HAVE TO AGREE WITH ALL THE RHETORIC TO GIVE IT SUPPORT by Lawrence Bush THE BLACK LIVES MATTER Platform, issued at the very end of July by a coalition of some thirty organizations based in the African-American community and endorsed by sixty, is a spirited, radical, impressive mix of universalist politics and black-identity […]

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The Last Resort: Trump Visits the Shrink

by Albert Vorspan Shrink: Welcome, Mr. Trump. What an honor! I must say, I’m surprised that you’ve come to see me. Trump: I picked you out of my phone book. I’ve had a special edition that only lists professionals who are not Muslims, Mexicans, women, or intellectuals who’ve never built anything of value in their […]

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