February 17: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is scheduled to play Edward Snowden in a forthcoming Oliver Stone film, and starred as aerial tightrope walker Philippe Petit in Robert Zemeckis’ film The Walk, was born in Los Angeles on this date in 1981. His parents were among the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance; his father […]

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OpEdge: Are Conservatives Idealists?

by Marc Jampole Reviewed in this essay: Why the Right Went Wrong, by E. J. Dionne Jr. Simon & Schuster, 2016, 544 pages. READING E. J. Dionne Jr.’s Why the Right Went Wrong provides an illuminating contrast to Jane Mayer’s Dark Money. Both cover the same history: the Republican Party and conservatism since the 1950s. […]

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The Uncivil Servant: Michael Moore’s Invasions

by Mitchell Abidor MICHAEL MOORE’S latest film, Where to Invade Next, is amazingly timely. Moore travels the world, a one-man invasion team searching for social programs other countries have that we don’t, so he can bring them back to the U.S. The film is, for most of its length, a virtual Bernie Sanders campaign ad, […]

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