July 28: Fighting the Good Fight in California

Attorney William K. Coblentz, who defended the California Board of Regents from Governor Ronald Reagan’s red-baiting, represented Patty Hearst after her kidnapping-recruitment by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), and served as legal representative for the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane, was born in Santa Maria, California on this date in 1922. Coblentz was a […]

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Honest Abe and the Children of Abraham

Much Ado About the Inconsequential by Mitchell Abidor From the Summer 2015 issue of Jewish Currents Reviewed in this essay: Lincoln and the Jews, by Jonathan Sarna and Benjamin Shappel. Thomas Dunne Books, 2015, 288 pages. THERE HAVE BEEN some sixteen thousand books written about Abraham Lincoln, few of them, I’d wager, dedicating many pages […]

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