From Yiddishland to America

The Creation & Preservation of YIVO by Bennett Muraskin From the Spring, 2015 issue of Jewish Currents Reviewed in this Essay: YIVO and the Making of Modern Jewish Culture: Scholarship for the Yiddish Nation, by Cecile Esther Kuznitz, Cambridge University Press, 2014, 307 pages, indexed.   IN 1940, TO ESCAPE THE RAVAGES of World War […]

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Summer 2015

The Editorial Board on Fossil-Fuel Divestment; on Immigration; on Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Mark Levy on Free Speech and Hillel Allan Lichtenstein on Income Inequality and Public Opinion Ron Skolnik on Netanyahu’s New Clothes Helen Engelhardt on Muriel Rukeyser Mimi Bluestone on the Fossil-Fuel Divestment Movement: Where Are the Jews? Megaphone: An Interview with Jewish Activists […]

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