March 20: Boris Reinstein and the Passaic Weavers

Newspapers reported on this date in 1912 that Boris Reinstein, an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organizer in Detroit, had taken command of the Passaic, New Jersey strike involving some 10,000 mill workers. Reinstein had fled Russia’s tsarist police in 1901 and settled with his obstetrician wife Anna in Buffalo, where he worked as […]

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What Went Wrong? What Now?

by Ralph Seliger NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME, Israeli pollsters utterly failed to predict the result. Even the exit polls, with voters  surveyed after voting, got it wrong this year — reminiscent of Binyamin Netanyahu’s first electoral triumph in 1996, when exit polls predicted a narrow victory for Shimon Peres. I attended an illuminating discourse […]

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Bibi’s Victory

by Nicholas Jahr NETANYAHU’S LAST MINUTE DECLARATION that the Palestinians have no partner clinched an election that seemed to be slipping away from him, snatching an impressive victory from defeat’s drooling jaws. In truth, anyone who has been paying attention couldn’t be surprised by Bibi’s pronouncement that there would never be a Palestinian state, which […]

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